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Benjamin Shaw
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Benjamin Shaw could listen to this all day long Favorite track: Crow Song.
Nickolas Heynderickx
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Nickolas Heynderickx (a very biased review by Haley's biggest, and often most annoying fan...her dad)
Oh my! Haley Heynderickx and Max Garcia Conover have given us a truly beautiful little album called, Among Horses III. Max's "Francis" and "Crow Song" have dark undertones and hearing Haley provide harmony gives me chills. It is not often we get to hear Haley do backups, the only other I recall is on a no longer available Whales Whailing album so this is a real treat! Favorite track: The Park.
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An organic farm in the middle of nowhere in Spain. Dry wind through dry leaves. Dogs sleeping a siesta in the sun. Rain that never comes. And horses. Always horses.

This is where we dropped off the critically acclaimed singer-songwriters Haley Heynderickx (Portland, Oregon) and Max García Conover (Portland, Maine), along with a bunch of instruments. We gave them 7 days. 7 days to get to know each other. 7 days to write an EP together and record it. The result is "Among Horses III", six songs of staggering beauty.


released October 5, 2018

Slow Talkin’, Mother and The Park written by Haley Heynderickx
Francis, Little Wind and Crow Song written by Max García Conover
All songs played and sung by Haley Heynderickx and Max García Conover
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frank Rudow at Pastallé Sound
Produced by Lieven Scheerlinck
Farmers’ choir on Slow Talkin’ and Crow Song by Ana, Gato, Frank and Lieven
Percussion and drums on Slow Talkin’ and Francis by Frank Rudow
Design by Mabel Alonso


all rights reserved



Son Canciones Barcelona, Spain

Son Canciones is a label from Barcelona. We have been making records and organizing concerts since 2013. We have a thing for musicians singing in unusual places. We love hand-made stuff & people who love hand-made stuff. We believe music should fight the good fight.
We want to change the world before the world changes us.
We are Mabel & Lieven.
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Track Name: Slow Talkin'
Don’t be twistin’ your inhibition
Don’t go drop kick your intuition
You got a notebook you got a mission
And your voice is getting low

Are you pleasin’ or just teasin’
Are you slow walkin’ through a season
But the connotations kinda leaving
And nothing’s gone to show

If you wanna make ‘em happy, you’re gonna have to go.
If you wanna make ‘em happy, you’re gonna have to go.

And how the heart drops like a car stops but you left your headlights on
And the blinkers on for maybe ten stops as you make your way through town

People are puzzles people are planets
Sometimes you get them sometimes you can’t handle it
The back sides of two negative magnets
And maybe to the ground
You know you have to go.

Cause if you wanna make em’ happy, you’re gonna have to go.
If you wanna make em’ happy, you’re gonna have to go.

Was it the glory days or just a heat wave
You got a promise land made of quick sand
You got a slow dancin’ praying mantis
Stuck inside this jar
Staring at the wall
And you knows he has to go

If you wanna make em’ happy, you’re gonna have to go.
Track Name: Francis
Driving through the darkness
Hungover and carsick
Broken-hearted boy
Yeah that’s how it started
With the dead
Asking why you don’t confess
Father Saint Francis
Your daddy’s in a casket
You hear it in the wind
But you don’t want to ask yet
You see it in her mouth
You see it in her hands
You know you got a secret that she’ll never understand
And the ghosts
Say what you already know

Yeah you had a place in the kingdom kid
Yeah the pretty people are so easy to forgive
But there’s something on your skin that you can’t get clean
There’s a fawn in the fence that you can’t get free
So you’re asking everybody who they think they really are
And you feel a little better till the sky goes dark
And the ghosts
Yeah but you already know
Track Name: Mother
Born in the east raised by the west
Torn in between cultural dressings
Both may feel right, but neither feels whole
Mother I’m torn between two different homes

Land filled with pears, and apricot hues
The lands filled with mangoes and papayas blooming
Each land of woman filled with rich story
Mother I’m stuck between two different mornings

And how dissonant are each of these bridges
And how resonant are each of these feelings though
If neither feels right and neither feels wrong
Mother my children will speak in different tongues

Mother I’m shy I can’t speak your tongue
Mother don’t cry I’ve been trying again
Trying to be bold as you were before me
I’m leaving the west I’m going alone
Track Name: Little Wind
I might go to Spain
Sleep out with the dogs
Find some empty castle
Put my jacket on a cross
The mice are in the fields
And the ghosts are in the towers
Little wind I’m with you in the roadside flowers

I might go to town
And drink myself away
Find some singing bird
And try to step inside her cage
I might go to waste
And I might be a coward
Little wind I’m with you in the roadside flowers

I wish that I had stayed
In that river house with you
Pulled away the weeds
And let the wild roses bloom
But all the hanging plums
Someday will go sour
Little wind I’m with you in the roadside flowers

Don’t you want to fly with the highland birds
Don’t you want to dance in the Catalan dirt
Maybe it’s my fault
Or maybe it’s my power
Little wind I’m with you in the roadside flowers
Track Name: The Park
It took hold of me
I saw a grown man crying
I ricocheted the difference as a stranger kindly watching
From a park bench across the street

And it took hold of me
I wonder what this man is borrowing.
Has he unlocked the pattern from that well that he’s been drawing from
As he dips the shadows unto his feet?

And it took hold of me
Was someone planting him a garden?
Was her hair as long as the streams within a fountain
Pouring light
Into a home he could not keep

Oh how nice to see a pattern broken
When I’ve never even seen my father weep

So it took hold of me
Was someone planting him a daughter
Was her life as strong as the river pushing water from the sides
And gently out to sea

And it took hold of me
I offer cigarette and lighter
I know it isn’t much but if it makes spirits feel higher
We push the smoke out into the street
Into the street
Track Name: Crow Song
I saw the scatterlight streaming
Down thru the century trees
Bloodfern and juniper
Sweeteye and shattercane weeds

I saw the cloud from the cabin
Slate rock and teeming with storm
Carrion bird caught in the hearth
And killed by collision with door
Feathers all over the floor

I’ll be home where I go
I’ll be home wherever I go
I’ll be home where I go someday

Buckshot rang out in the distance
Over and over again
River the moon shiver
I saw my sister jump in

And I saw my brother in Dallas
Quietly drunk every day
Gentle and kind and lost in his mind
And surprised when his wife went away

And I saw the killers in costume
I saw their satellites burn
I saw them measure their money
In whether they look like the people they hurt
Maybe that’s just who we were

I’ll be home where I go
I’ll be home wherever I go
I’ll be home where I go someday

I wake up staggering lonely
Birdsong and particle air
Her letter in my jacket
I carry myself down the stairs

Lena she treated me easy
She found me wherever i was
Bloodfern and juniper
Sweeteye and shattercane
That never felt like enough

I’ll be home where I go
I’ll be home wherever I go
I’ll be home where I go someday

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