Among Horses IV

by Son Canciones

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A farm in the middle of nowhere. Sixty Spanish horses. And two songwriters from opposite sides of the world, strangers with the same destiny... The critically acclaimed songwriters Lydia Cole (New Zealand) and Hailey Beavis (Scotland) were dropped in a retirement home for old horses by the Barcelona based label Son Canciones. They were given one week to get to know each other and write and record five new songs.

Only solar power was used in the making of this EP. The songs were recorded mostly in one take and without special effects. Straight from the soil into your headphones.

Lydia Cole is a singer-songwriter from Kingsland, New Zealand, currently residing in Berlin. In 2017 she released her second studio album "The Lay Of The Land", receiving raving reviews from both press and listeners. She has toured extensively around Europe, Australia and New Zealand over the past years and was nominated for the APRA Silver Scroll Awards in 2017.

Hailey Beavis has been Edinburgh's best-kept secret for a couple of years. This young singer-songwriter and graphic artist is an active part of Scotland's independent scene. In 2018 she co-founded her own record label OK Pal Records.

Previous Among Horses releases featured Withered Hand-A Singer Of Songs, Zoe Boekbinder-Dustin Hamman & Haley Heynderickx-Max García Conover.

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released May 17, 2019

All songs written and played by Lydia Cole and Hailey Beavis at Mas Casanova in July 2018.
Electric guitar and soundscapes by Timothy Armstrong.
Recorded and produced by Alain Quateau & Lieven Scheerlinck.
Mixed & mastered by Alain Quateau.
Design by Mabel Alonso.


all rights reserved



Son Canciones Barcelona, Spain

Son Canciones is a label from Barcelona. We have been making records and organizing concerts since 2013. We have a thing for musicians singing in unusual places. We love hand-made stuff & people who love hand-made stuff. We believe music should fight the good fight.
We want to change the world before the world changes us.
We are Mabel & Lieven.
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Track Name: Talk To Me
No-one trembles here but me
Embroidered are the many memories
I hear your voice but your face I cannot see
We chose a path so complex
Both foolish and amazing to the rest
I wanna talk, I want you to talk to me

My heart beats inside the dial-tone
In the void I build for us a home
I dream of you, with the sun you melt like snow
Your eyes open as I close the day
So many things I wait to say
I wanna talk, I want you to talk to me

After the last curtain call
Will we feel like we have said it all?
I’ll just wanna talk and want you to talk to me
Track Name: Tape On The Reel
All of this time turns to tape on the reel
Trying to make sense of the things that I feel
The moon will still be there, with or without me
To stand underneath and speak of its beauty

Give to me burdens and give to me rest
Life brings me both and I bring my best
I will come weary with strength of my own
To walk beside others on our way home

Look under the bonnet and inside the case
Call down the prophet, look into her face
Wrestle the question and let it all go
Dig in the dirt for what I already own
Track Name: Less Lost
The ties of the city loosen on leaving
Something that’s wild calls out in our breathing
The rush of the river rounding the bend races my heart
No more time to pretend

Together we’re getting less lost as we go
If we walk ‘til tomorrow we’ll find our way home

The sun drinks the mist away from the trees
Difference dissipates from you and me
Our bodies lie closer in a soft crush
Two fresh coffees in two tin cups

Together we’re getting less lost as we go
If we walk ‘til tomorrow we’ll find our way home
Again and again we will learn to be kind
This pretty much happens to us every time

I’m on a high and you’re going low
Somehow, someway, we converge as we go
Now you’re heading up and I’m coming ‘round
The peak doesn’t look so impossible now

Together we’re getting less lost as we go
If we walk ‘til tomorrow we’ll find our way home
Again and again we will learn to be kind
This pretty much happens to us every time
Track Name: Forget It
I don’t really want to do this anymore
And I don’t wanna blame you for it at all
I wish I could forget it

I don’t really know why you said those words
And looking in from this side it’s still absurd
I wish I could forget it

I know that we promised to co-exist
But I know what I need now and it isn’t this
I wish I could forget it
Track Name: The Key
Lean into me and just let go
Let doubts fade out, let love take hold
Make me feel safe, let me be free
Make this the place we want to be
Inside a dream my body shakes
You’re the one thing when I awake
I feel your breath warm in my ear
You’re breathing slow, you pull me near
Your hands are warm wrapped around mine
When worries swarm I hold you tight
You waited way outside your pride
There’s nothing now we have to hide
We saw a fox on our first night
We heard an owl call and take flight
It’s not a story anymore
We got the key to our front door

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