The Caravan Recordings I

by Great North

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"The Caravan Recordings I" by Great North is the first in a series of recordings. We turned an old caravan into the control room of a recording studio. We will look for unique places with unique acoustics, fill it with old microphones, park the caravan next to it and record our favorite artists accompanied by a duo of strings. First up is Great North, one of New Zealand's most acclaimed indie-folk bands. The album was recorded in an old mill in a little Belgian village in the early winter of 2017.


released May 11, 2018

All songs written and played by Hayden and Rachel Donnell
Strings played by Jasmijn Lootens and Naomi Vercauteren
Recorded and produced by Alain Quateau & Lieven Scheerlinck
Mixed and mastered by Alain Quateau
Design by Óscar Giménez


all rights reserved



Son Canciones Barcelona, Spain

Son Canciones is a label from Barcelona. We have been making records and organizing concerts since 2013. We have a thing for musicians singing in unusual places. We love hand-made stuff & people who love hand-made stuff. We believe music should fight the good fight.
We want to change the world before the world changes us.
We are Mabel & Lieven.
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Track Name: Brilliant Blue
My careening charcoal bride
Shimmering in cheap off-white
Reciting vows as if on cue
As drunks are spilling out of suits
Like preachers with no point to prove
Their words all laboured and untrue
They could never love you like I do

Autumn turned the summer red
Our faces white in frozen air
Like lambs wool soaking up the morning dew
And every star was shooting past
Reminding us no good thing lasts
No stone remains unmoved
The water changes shape under the moon

So if you should waste this life
Nevermind, nevermind
I would die a thousand times for you
And when the singer calls your name
I’ll follow you into the grave
Holding your hands in the gloom
Our fingers turning brilliant blue

Read the gospel
I’m ready to die
Track Name: You The River, I The Sea
Darling won’t you come back
Won’t you come back home to me
I got these lines etched ‘cross my face
You’ve walked a bitter road
Won’t you walk it home to me

Cos every day I feel your absence
Every day it gets more real
And for this past they wrote a love song
With hurt in every verse
One more line is all I need

Cos you were fire and I was water
You the river and I the sea
And when these depths rise up to meet you
And wash your pain away
The barren will conceive

Oh the weakness of compassion
Oh the error of belief
That these scars have shown us beauty
This blood has made us clean
This debt has set us free
Track Name: Omaha
On the water I’ll wait
For grace
To teach me how to be alone
It is singing low
In your sorrow

As your fingertips
Your last kiss
Are fading into the fog
In this smoke grey morning
I can feel you going

In the evening light
The stars are falling
Ribbons streaming red and gold
I can feel you dancing close
I can hear your voice

Singing old time song
Radio code
Telling me my love, so long
Love is letting go
Love is letting go

It’s singing home
You were going home

Wash the silt
From my eyes
Be a light
When everything else goes dark
On this narrow path
In broken arms

Carry me home
I’m tired and drunk
And I can’t feel anymore
Keep my heart inside your heart
Walk me cross the rocks

Take me home
You were going home

Fire in the water, Omaha
Blood in my belly
Lay my body down
And build a bridge

To the beginning
Oh my God
Salt in the asphalt
Sugar in my mouth
Spit it out

Until the sky’s
Filling with stars
Feel these dry bones
Moving in the ground
Hold me close

It was you in every song
It was you in every single one

On a starless night
You’re asking me why
Leaving always feels wrong
Track Name: Honey In The Whisky
There’s no honey in the whisky anymore
That’s alright, I know how much you hated the stuff
But maybe it should’ve been okay
For you to sweeten up the bitter taste

Remember that night we spent outside
Shaking a bottle up at the swirling sky
It wasn’t long until our voices got lost
Now I keep on wishing we had more time to talk

Well I guess the song was wrong
There’s not light shining out of every hole
There’s gaps where only the muddy water gets in
And it weighs you down until you start to sink

There’s no honey in the whisky anymore
Nothing left for you to cover up
With a gambler’s smile and a drinker’s joke
So you pack your bags and head on down the road
Track Name: Hands
Ran straight cross the river
Into the Promised Land
Where the wise men came bearing bullets
And medicine in their outstretched hands.
On the wings of a plane you ascended
Sold your last breath to the western wind

In the height of the evening
You were talking in your sleep
Fires taking hold in the valley beneath
They were rising angrily
Every road you ran took you further from me
You said "that’s the way I am and that’s the way I’m going to be”

But it’s not blood that’s coursing in your veins
And it’s not water that’s pouring down my face
Darling, it’s the rain
And it’s come to wash both of us away
So what was once hidden will be held in the light of day
Hold me in your hands

Now you’re calling like wolves in the water
Track Name: Casey Jones
See the bleeding incarnation
Kneeling down in desolation
When at the great transfiguration
Abraham stood on the lonely hill
He was standing still

Singing who will hold my hand?
Who is going to hold my hand?
You will not keep your life
So leave it all behind

Casey Jones took the evening train
Casey don’t leave that way
Who is going to hold your hand?
Who is going to hold your hand?
As the engines crash
You will catch on fire
And if you’re going to start a fire
Let me be your light
Let me be your light

It took the flames of recreation
To find this revelation
Forget about your reputation
This’ll be your liberation day
When everything else breaks
I am going to hold your hand
Where words have lost their power
We will be the sound

Let me be your light

At our final tribulation
There will be no reprobation
And in this spinning constellation
I will breathe until the day I die
And then I’ll close my eyes
Hoping you will hold my hand
Until I find my home
Still got no place to go
Track Name: The Golden Age
I don't blame it on you
Life's shorter than I ever thought it would be
And I keep paying my taxes to the good old days
Hot feelings
Strange delusions
They dragged you by the scruff of your neck
Into the golden age

And I wanted you to stay

Pretty lady
Almost a stranger
You put your hand into my hand
It felt like I was breathing in
Now we got what we wanted
And it just keeps us from wonder
We stand high up on the balcony
Complain about the golden age

And I wanted you to stay

We used to listen to our drainpipes running
A song on our lips
Wasn't even worth humming to
You told me you weren't scared of being nothing
It’s just a place where you can hide
You come to me now
Dressed as yesterday's party
Friday night lips
And a Tuesday tie in your hair
Ask me if you can come in
You need a place where you can hide

And I wanted you to stay
Track Name: Georgia
In the arms of the morning
I lay my hands over Georgia
I weep for her wailing wind
How when the lines crossed her forehead
We drank until dawn
And her beauty struck me mute
I wake up thinking of you

So here’s to the old times
The whole cast of white lies
We told as we waited for truth
Now each roll of thunder
Sounds like a drummer
Playing in time with the tune
Each note reminds me of you

When the tricks of the twilight
Play out on the skyline
The evening’s a blossoming bruise
And as the boats slip their moorings
The planes are performing
In the arms of the flickering blue
You did what you wanted to do
Track Name: When You Go
By the laws of loss and love I’ll bide
My time in the bed we shared
And I’ll hem you into the slowest song
To the beat of your shaky steps
When you go
It feels wrong
But it sounds like singing

Once your mind’s broken like bread
And your tongue’s dried up like grain
I’ll fold you inside my arms
And I’ll speak to you just in case
Tell you I will be yours and yours alone
I won’t adhere to the rushing wind
I won’t adhere to your heart like a torn bass drum
I won’t adhere to your hissing breath

When you go
It feels wrong
But it sounds like singing

So I’ll wait for the seas to part
For the dust to speak
For the cities to glow
Silver in their streets

Where the lost will reign
Where the black clouds break
Where the wronged will step
On the heads of state

And in that bursting breath
In that last refrain
Of a symphony
You’ll come back again
And it’ll sound like singing

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